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Public Sector

Tectonic’s Public Sector Advisory services are designed to help companies in the public sector to streamline their operations and focus on their core business objectives.

Our Focus

Delivering tangible, measurable results that drive seismic shifts within our industry.


Management/ Consultation

Our Tectonic Management Consulting team helps organizations deal with industry challenges and learn to leverage unique opportunities within the healthcare system.

Whether you’re struggling with cost, quality of care, or business growth, Tectonics reach, knowledge and qualifications in the healthcare industry allows us to deliver business insights and opportunities for payers, providers, new entrants and strategic investors in both the Public and Private Healthcare Sector.

Tectonic bridges the gap and creates a much-needed Tectonic Shift in the marketplace to help our clients realize their maximum potential and find their place in today’s market.

Our Management Consulting Division helps Healthcare organizations to improve their performance primarily by analyzing existing organizational problems and identifying practical improvement goals. Our Advisors have been directly involved in the delivery and leadership of key projects and innovations in all segments of the healthcare industry, providing them with key market insights that are beneficial in future growth and development. Tectonic Advisors provide organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, and operational improvement services, all available to our clients through our Management and Consultation services.


EMR Advisory and Staff Resourcing

Tectonic is the #1 in-class staffing and advisory firm, so we understand the challenges in staffing healthcare IT professionals. We bring our industry-leading market knowledge and knowledge in recruitment strategies to the table to help fill the gaps in your workforce

From Interim Senior C-Level Management to EMR/HIS Staffing, Tectonic provides the people and the framework so that you have immediate access to Healthcare IT Professionals who can help lead your organization. With experts and experienced Healthcare IT Sector specialists and outstanding market knowledge, we have access to the best and brightest people within the most respected organizations.

From CIOs to Project Managers to Analysts and contract workers to full-time employees, we deliver access to top-tier and hard-to-find staff within the Healthcare IT market space for both EMR roles including Epic, Cerner and Meditech, and IM/IT roles of all types.

With our reputation in the healthcare industry and our focus on building strong corporate teams, we place project managers, analysts, builders, trainers, go-live support specialists and other healthcare IT professionals in full-time and contract roles backed by specialized Tectonic Framework. Not only do we deliver access to top-tier and hard-to-find staff within the Healthcare IT market space for organizations in both Canada and the US, but we do so under our Sponsorship Model and Risk Management Framework.


Growth and Innovation

Innovation is critical for businesses to stay competitive and relevant in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. This is why Tectonic our clients in building partnerships with external stakeholders, such as industry experts, and technology providers, to foster innovation and leverage additional resources and assets.

The Tectonic team follows a structured process including an in-depth assessment of the organization’s current capabilities, resources, and market positioning. This involves analyzing the existing infrastructure, policies, and processes, as well as understanding the challenges and opportunities within our client’s companies.

Our team diligently researches and stays on top of emerging trends, best practices, and successful case studies within the healthcare industry. Throughout our process, we conduct benchmarking exercises to compare our clients success with similar organizations, both domestically and internationally, therefore driving growth and innovation, enhancing service delivery, and improving healthcare outcomes for the communities they serve.

At Tectonic, we offer a range of services to healthcare organizations seeking to thrive in a dynamic and evolving industry. These services encompass strategic planning, product assessment, market analysis and research, licensing and regulatory and opportunity identification.


Privacy & Security

Tectonic offers the training, tools and resources needed to help address privacy issues within the sector.

Tectonic provides Virtual Privacy Office or VPO services that offer the training, tools and resources needed to enable start-up, small and medium-sized organizations to build privacy and security into their products and services.

We offer coaching and professional services as we understand that there are many situations where objective outside help is required to address privacy issues. We offer our services so that we can relieve additional stress, allowing organizations to focus their energies on designing and developing their core offerings for their customers.

Tectonic is backed by a team of internationally recognized privacy and security experts. With decades of shared experience and knowledge, we know healthcare is the most challenging privacy environment and we are leaders in finding solutions to the privacy challenges facing established and entrepreneurial organizations.

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Our Commitment To You

Our deverse team of skilled professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Tectonic aims to deliver practical, concrete results by developing customized strategies and solutions that address our client’s unique challenges and goals. These solutions are designed to be realistic, measurable, and focused on achieving desired outcomes.

Moreover, Tectonic seeks to create industry shifts that are Tectonic in scale. This means that our solutions go beyond simply addressing individual client needs; they aim to create lasting, transformative changes that impact the industry as a whole. These changes may include innovative approaches to healthcare management, advancements in technology, or new industry standards and regulations.