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Empower Decisions. Accelerate Growth. Shift Healthcare.

Public Sector

What We Do

We work on healthcare's toughest challenges

We work with healthcare organizations, funders, decision and policymakers to provide market assessments, market outreach, business and digital strategies, to support resourcing and technology gaps.

We provide
first-hand insight

By working directly in the healthcare system and with technology firms, we understand the needs and requirements of each unique healthcare system and we identify solutions to fit the long-term success of our systems.

We accelerate

By defining the right fit with the best solutions, we work the technology firms to focus their solutions and efforts where they are most needed. We ensure solutions are matched to the needs of the market, accelerating adoption.

Advisory Services

Tackle healthcare’s toughest challenges.
Provide first-hand insight.
Accelerate growth.

Public Sector

Private Sector


Industries we serve:


We redefine
what’s possible

Get in tough

Need our services

Our Sustainable Construction Advisors (SCAs) provide sustainable construction expertise to our buildings, civil and industrial project teams. The SCAs work collaboratively with clients to develop cost-effective strategies to reduce the overall environmental impact of their projects.

We watch out for each other.

We want every employee and trade partner to feel that they are part of a common good and cohesive team. We help our teams form stronger relationships with trade partners by emphasizing people and teamwork over processes and checklists.

Client Feedback

Positioning for a strategic shift?

To explore and go after new ways to build, we’ve gathered the people, innovations, and partnerships that can anticipate and overcome new challenges.

Strategy Consulting

  • Technology audits, assessment and strategies.
  • Standards development.
  • Project management
  • Electronic medical records
  • Certified specialist resourcing

Healthcare Marketing Insights

  • Market assessments
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Stateholder outreach

Market Growth Advisory

  • Market entry
  • Innovation and product development
  • Opportunity needs mapping
Case Studies


Our team is dedicated to finding solutions to every challenge. That spirit makes for some great stories.

Vik Patel

Technical Advisor

Accolades Awards Recognitions

The 2018 Corporate Citizenship Award
Canadian Enterprise Winner
The 2019 Corporate Citizenship Award
Canadian Enterprise Winner
The 2023 KLAS Canada EMR Consulting Services