Staffing and People

Interim C-Level Management & Health IT Staffing

From Interim Senior C-Level Management to EMR/HIS Staffing, Tectonic provides the people and the framework so that you have immediate access to Healthcare IT Professionals who can lead your organization and/or staff your IT projects.  We bring industry-leading market knowledge, and focus on recruitment strategies to fill the gaps that exist in the market for specific Healthcare IT technologies at the Clinical Application Level to the Health IT Infrastructure Level.

We possess a full appreciation for your business needs and challenges and as experienced Health IT Sector specialists with outstanding market knowledge, we have access to the best people within the most respected organizations.

We understand the challenges in implementing your HIS, EMR, EHR, and other Healthcare IT Systems so that they provide accessible patient information, improve clinical processes and ultimately, transform patients’ lives.  We specialize in EPIC, Cerner, MEDITECH Expanse and others systems.

With our reputation for excellence and our emphasis on building strong relationships, we place project managers, analysts, builders, trainers, go-live support specialists and other healthcare IT professionals in full-time and contract roles backed by the Tectonic Framework. Not only do we deliver access to top tier and hard to find staff within the Healthcare IT market space for organizations in US and Canada but we do so under our Sponsorship Model and Risk Management Framework.

Healthcare IT Advisory Services

The Tectonic Advisory Services services team works collaboratively with Canadian Clients as we understand the the unique factors of our clients’ organizations.  We have worked with them over the years to create solutions that ensure each jurisdiction in Canada meets the political, financial and clinical objectives for each organization and for each province. Our team takes the time to understand and leverage organizational culture in Canada, hierarchy and internal customer dynamics. This insight then proves to be invaluable in generating trust in Canada and contributes to the strong Tectonic Brand.

We apply real life experience, with those that can develop consensus and acknowledgment of team members’ value through the necessary context of Canadian best practices. This brings all parts of the organization into alignment with provincial and federal agendas, working on the same page for a closely coordinated approach to our project. On this foundation, we help shift the market to realize the vision into a strategy and ultimately into tactical plans that are innovative, localized, achievable, transformational and Tectonic in scale.

At Tectonic, we design your tactical solutions through well-developed project plans, appropriately leveraging technology to meet evolving business and clinical objectives.

Governance – Establish, Launch, Refine and Build Process

  • General and IT Governance
  • Membership
  • Rules of engagement
  • Topic management
  • Prioritization
  • Communication and follow up

Change Management – Set Expectations, Communicate Direction, Establish Interactive Feedback, Align

  • Clinical and Financial
  • Communication strategy
  • Consensus building and engagement activities
  • Baseline metrics
  • Benefits realization and tracking

Funding Reform, Revenue Optimization and Expense Management – Innovate, Apply Business Framework, Develop Plans

  • Health System Funding Reform
  • Identification of opportunities
  • Industry benchmarking and analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Financial modelling and analysis
  • Tracking

Program/PMO – Establish, Develop Capacity Plans, Set Methods/Process

  • Charters
  • Scope management
  • Work plans and critical path
  • Risk assessment
  • Monitoring and addressing barriers

Administrative and/or Clinical Workflow and IT Integration – Enabling Technology, Reduce the Cost of Healthcare, Improve Quality of Care

  • Subject-matter expertise and methods/tools
  • Workflow
  • Advanced technologies
  • Design and Optimization
  • Six Sigma & Lean

Organizational Development – Address Pain Points, Develop Strategies, Manage Change/Transformation

  • Assess people and process
  • Analyze root cause
  • Recommend strategy
  • Develop tactical plans
  • Improve process

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