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Private Sector Advisory & Embedded Executive

Tectonic’s Private Sector Advisory services helps companies to focus precious time and resources on supporting their business and growth objectives.

We operate as the healthcare industry catalyst to facilitate investment, innovation and adoption of Healthcare IT, technology and/or Services into the sector.

We provide access to our elite group of Subject Matter Experts, Advisors and Embedded Executives to overcome technical, implementation, regulatory, legal, relationship, distribution and M&A barriers to market entry and adoption that often impede product and service development, sales and market acceptance.

Our strengths are derived from our experience working in leadership roles in the public and private sector, leading best practices and developing innovations in healthcare IT. We operate across the Healthcare Continuum from Regional to Acute to Community to Primary to Consumer.

Our payment model allows us to support companies with a variety of bundled services ranging from pure Advisory, through active Consulting engagements for specific projects or interim management tasks, to hands-on Business Development and Sales Enhancing Roles.

All Tectonic’s services are supported by a management by objectives (MBOs) approach that defines our commitment to you, whether that is positioning your products and services for sale, or preparing your company for investment or acquisition.

We operate in the US, Canada and the UK.   We encompass all domains of Healthcare Technology.

The following is our “ADVISORY SERVICES CHECKLIST” that defines the lists of services we provide, which we tailor to meet your needs:
Onboarding Process: Getting you registered as a client and putting the logistics in place
  1. MBO & Contact Finalized
  2. Establish the frequency, duration and means of communication
  3. Key contact mapping
Market Assessment & Competitive Scan: Analysis of your business mapped to current market conditions
  1.  Size the market, calculate Total Addressable Market, and Target Market
  2.  Review the trends by geography
  3.  Assess your top current prospects and customers
  4.  Review of what customers are buying and not buying
  5.  Procurement Approach (non RFP)
  6.  RFP Positioning, Surveillance and Tracking
  7.  Determination of how much business you need in your funnel, based on conversion rates and your unique sales algorithm
  8.  Uncover the gap between what you currently have in your funnel and what you should have in your funnel
  9.  Determine the best way to fill the funnel
  10.  Determine your competitors
Product Assessment (part 1): We help you understand what customers are about to buy and how to position your product
  1. The characteristics of your high-payoff customers/prospects
  2. The verticals and sub-verticals that you are winning in more than others
  3. The “pain” or business issues that you need to solve
  4. The compelling events that drive the purchase
  5. The specific products/services that you are selling more than others
  6. How you are different from your competitors
  7. Trade Shows & Association
Product Assessment (part 2): Review your product and service mix:
  1.  New product introduction (i.e. new vectors or pivots)
  2.  Your current products. Your potential future products.
  3.  Technology, Localization and Hosting needs (i.e. Canadian data center)
  4.  Determine if product localization is required (Development)
  5.  Analysis of sales and margins by product and service
  6.  Assess each product individually and as a portfolio
SWOT:   Review your Strategic Plan and other work to clarify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT):
  1.  Decide which Strengths your company can build upon by identifying your unique business model and capabilities
  2.  Determine your company’s Weaknesses including the Strengths of competitive and alternative solutions in order to overcome and meet them
  3.  Identify the Opportunities in your marketplace of which you can take advantage by learning how you uniquely meet your buyers’ compelling needs
  4.  Know the Threats in your selling environment to defend against by allowing us to educate you on the competitive moves, changes in technology, industry and regulatory standards
  5.  Finally, determine your unique selling (value) proposition
Strategy/Business Plan: We determine your Objectives by consolidating the above trends into key powerful objectives and determine specific, measurable goals to establish:
  1.  The vertical markets or geographies upon which you will focus
  2.  Based on the characteristics of your high-payoff customers/prospects, learn on which accounts/opportunities you should concentrate
  3. The products, services and/or capabilities that your plan needs to highlight
  4.  Based on your average selling price, the amount of opportunities you need to add to your funnel
  5.  Pricing models
Tactical & Rollout Plan: Develop Strategies to accomplish your goals and we will help you generate the top success strategies by determining:
  1.  How to further penetrate current accounts and new geographies
  2.  Your strategy to leverage current successes in new markets
  3.  How best to generate new leads
  4.  How best to improve penetration and conversion rates
  5.  Places to improve your selling process
  6.  Board support, Director placement
Go To Market:   We provide the resources you need to succeed by facilitating access to:
  1.  Direct sales and potential channel partners
  2.  Broker High Touch – High Level Introductions
  3.  Required resources
  4.  Leverage resources that have the skills you need
  5.  Identified persons inside customer organisations who can ally with your goals
  6.  External resources such as partners, the Tectonic Advisory Board, Leadership Events (COACH, CHIEF, ITAC) etc… who can support and supply you with:
  7.  Additional product and industry information as well as further sources of knowledge that can:
  8.  Determine how you can improve your sales management organisation and processes to open up doors
  9.  Tectonic Shifts
Strategy Check & Metrics: We constantly review and check in on how the plan is going, where we:
  1.  Act as your guide to proactively produce the intended results
  2.  Help you deploy high-leverage actions
  3.  Identify together which resources are needed for each task
  4.  Ensure you hit the due dates and key milestones
  5.  Take action and fine-tune the plan on a regular basis
  6.  Keep you engaged with internal and partner teams
  7.  Update you on opportunities and current events that will impact your business, and help translate environmental noise into what you need to know in order to support your strategy
  8.  Measure progress against our metrics
  9.  Most importantly, follow up with sales, and support ongoing business development