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Tectonic Advisory Services Inc. is drawing on 20+ years experience working with a variety of channels and countries in Healthcare IT. It comes down to picking the right channel partners and offering them the right incentives to encourage them to sell your products.

Channel management – Based on Fundamentals

We provide the blocking and tackling of channel management by putting together a program that rewards partners for proactively selling your offering and service. The rewards come in many forms: attractive margin, volume incentive rebates, sales contests, and more. At the end of the day, it must be profitable for the partner to sell your product.

Tectonic Advisory Services Inc. will provide you with an effective channel program that will select the right healthcare partners for you and distinguish between VARs that proactively sell your product (and require more margin) and resellers that passively take orders (who require less margin). Ideally, a coordinated marketing program to drive sales through the channel will support the channel program.  The program includes:

Value Proposition for Channel Partners  We will help you establish your value proposition for channel partners to determine why a channel partner should do business with you and why should a channel sales rep want to sell your offering.

Ideal Partner Profile  We will help you build the ideal partner profile. We will look at what are the key attributes and criteria a channel partner must have to be successful with your offering. We will help define the ideal partner profile and use it to recruit channel partners.

Research and Channel Partner Recruitment  We will help you build the ideal program for your offering and talk to potential channel partners before finalizing your program to provide you with valuable feedback about what elements of a channel program are important to them.  We will support the process you are you going to use to contact channel partners, evaluate them, sign them, train them, manage them and reward them.

Comprehensive Channel Program  To develop a comprehensive channel program, Tectonic Advisory Services Inc. will start with the 4-P’s of marketing: Product, Place, Price, Promotion.

Pricing Considerations  We will support you to segment channel partners into categories with different pricing according to that category and determine if you should have VARs who proactively promote your product receive the same price as resellers who are order takers. We will help you determine if every channel partner receive the same discount. We will help you determine if you need a complicated reseller model with multiple levels of dealers, or a simple model of selling to a distributor (or distributors) and let them handle the reseller pricing.

Place   We will help you determine, in a defined territory, how many channel partners do you require. We will establish different kinds of channel partners for different offerings or separate channels (eg. acute vs primary care).

Product  We will provide suggestions regarding the changes you need to make to the product for different distribution partners or to reach new end-users serviced by the new channel.   We will also support to determine what localization is required.

Promotion  We will support you to develop channel partners to introduce your offering to their customers as needed. We will help determine if you will offer a marketing Co-op Program or a Marketing Development Fund (MDF) program. We will establish how leads will be handled and tracked as well as how you will reward partners who meet or exceed sales targets, volume incentive and rebates.

Channel Sales Team  We will support the organization chart of your channel sales team, assess the need for inside reps to support the channel, see if you need technical sales consultants to support the sales effort, figure out the balance of outside sales reps and support channel partners in the field, and establish commissioned independent sales reps or agents who can provide you quick entry into major accounts.

Your Contract  We can help you establish if there will be exclusive or sole source territories or countries. We can support the terms as well.

Post Contract Signing  We can support you post signing of your channel partner with In House Resources & Support, training, sales assistance and management of accounts.

Training Program  We offer training of new partners (and their sales reps) to ensure they are capable and qualified to effectively sell your offering.

Business Planning  We develop territory sales & marketing plan with key partners to state planned activities clearly, with outcomes and objectives as well as manage to the plan and intervene when objectives and sales goals are not met.

Tectonic provides a service bundle to include: Value Proposition for Channel Partners, Ideal Partner Profile, Research & Identification, Enrolment, Channel Program Maintenance & Evaluation, Metrics, Renewals, Off Ramping and Partner Mix.  For more on our approach, or to discuss how we structure our agreements, please contact us at or call us at +1-905-315-5069

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